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My Jackbooted Thug

So, I haven’t been doing much writing lately. The occasional blog post. Some witty retort on Twitter or Facebook. And that’s about it. I just haven’t had the urge or the motivation. Part of it has been the fact that … Continue reading

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A Trunk Story

Let me tell you a story… Once upon a time, there was a story.  It was not a bad story; its form was pleasing if traditional and while it did not burn hot through the night sky it contained a … Continue reading

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Popped! (aka My First Critique Group Read)

So last night was the Halloween Episode of DFWWW (Dallas-Fort Worth Writer’s Workshop).  We had an awesome potlock and also celebrated the fact that the workshop has produced 300 published novels.  Readings for that night were separated by Halloween reads … Continue reading

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Fireflies in the Mason Jar

Writers chase inspiration like kids chase fireflies.  Here are some illuminating pieces I discovered for the mason jar this week: Inspiration Actor, writer, raconteur, geek, and all-around-good-guy Wil Wheaton offers a wonderful bit on his blog about remembering what it is we … Continue reading

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