Tears of Vriannon

Here begins the tale of Karli Rowantree, a Healer from a country village whose destiny begins to take her down strange paths.

Though it sounds cliché, this tale began as a role-playing campaign that I ran for my wife beginning in 1999.  As time passed and more people joined our group, the tale and the world it inhabited grew exponentially.  This campaign ended after 10 years (don’t worry…this tale will not take in the entire campaign!).

My friends felt that I should try to write this as a novel.  The more I thought about it and tried to plot it, I realized that it would be too long and too sprawling for a novel.  I then pondered writing the story episodically…and thus the idea for Serial Distractions was born.

Prelude: The Lay of Vriannon

Chapter One: The Dance of the Fey

Chapter Two: A Torch in the Darkness

Chapter Three: Newcastle

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