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Review: Wood by Robert Dunbar

Wood by Robert Dunbar (2012): Uninvited Books In the woods around the city, something lurks. Something dangerous. Something…hungry. On the streets in the outskirts of the city, and on the outskirts of society, a teenager escapes from the cloying control … Continue reading

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Review: Martyrs & Monsters by Robert Dunbar

Martyrs & Monsters by Robert Dunbar (2011) : 9780983045755 (Uninvited Books) Robert Dunbar is one of a handful of authors spearheading the movement to infuse the modern horror genre with more “literary” sensibilities. What makes his work ascend to that … Continue reading

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Top Distractions of 2011

So, with 2011 skulking out the side entrance and 2012 boldly stepping forward, we here at the Serial Distractions Monkey Lubrication Depot and Tobacconist Shoppe™ look back at the various books we reviewed last year that still stand out as … Continue reading

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New Review up at Shroud! Willy by Robert Dunbar

Just so you know, my latest review for Shroud Magazine Book Reviews is up and available for your reading pleasure.  Please take a few minutes and check out my comments on Willy, the latest offering by author Robert Dunbar (click here). … Continue reading

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