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New Fiction: Blood Bond

So, Blood Bond is a piece (a novella? A novelette?) that I’ve been fiddling with for a long time. I don’t think I can sell it–it’s a bit on the old fashioned side and long. But, maybe you might enjoy it. … Continue reading

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Review: Wood by Robert Dunbar

Wood by Robert Dunbar (2012): Uninvited Books In the woods around the city, something lurks. Something dangerous. Something…hungry. On the streets in the outskirts of the city, and on the outskirts of society, a teenager escapes from the cloying control … Continue reading

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Review: Sudden Death Overtime by Steve Vernon

Sudden Death Overtime by Steve Vernon (2012) : Available as an eBook from Amazon.com (Crossroads Press) It doesn’t take long after an ominous black tour bus full of bloodsucking denizens of the damned arrives in a sleepy coastal village in Northern Labrador for people … Continue reading

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Review: Clementine by Cherie Priest

Clementine by Cherie Priest (2010) : 9781596063082 (Subterranean Press) In the Hugo-nominated Boneshaker, Cherie Priest simultaneously introduced “The Clockwork Century” (an alternate-history, steampunk’d version of 19th century America) and established herself as the “queen of steampunk”.  In the novella Clementine, Priest … Continue reading

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