The Site

Serial Distractions started off as an experiment in online, serial fiction and was meant primarily as a showcase for my fiction work. It was also to be an outlet for me to talk about writing and publishing.

It has since evolved into something else entirely.

Serial Distractions is now a home for fiction, reviews, and geekery. I still post the occasional serial story, but I’m more likely to blog about a topic on my mind or to post a review of what I’m reading right now.

I’ll also discuss interesting sites, new authors, how to write, and any other topic that comes up in the course of the conversation.  But a conversation has to be two-sided–and that’s where you come in. Comment on the blog. Use the Contact page. Let me know what you think.

Like tranya*, I hope you relish this blog as much as I…

–The Management

*Evidence of level 5 nerdery right there…