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Glass Houses and BB Guns : How Not to React to Critique

To my mind there is a difference between critique and criticism.  Criticism is inherently negative, destructive; its purpose is to devalue.  Critique can be negative, but must also be coupled with advice or suggestions to rebuild. Critique is made with an … Continue reading

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Popped! (aka My First Critique Group Read)

So last night was the Halloween Episode of DFWWW (Dallas-Fort Worth Writer’s Workshop).  We had an awesome potlock and also celebrated the fact that the workshop has produced 300 published novels.  Readings for that night were separated by Halloween reads … Continue reading

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Taking the Plunge: DFWWW

I’ve spent the past two Wednesday evenings attending the DFW Writers’ Workshop.  DFWWW is a critique and support organization for writers of any genre or skill level.  Each Wednesday night they meet and hold critique sessions where writers read a 15 … Continue reading

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The Great Pretender

Confidence has never been one of my virtues. Despite the fact that I have had some personal success in my life, I always feel like I’ve accomplished this through a combination of luck and deception. If people knew how horrible/lazy/uninformed … Continue reading

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