Chapter One: The Dance of the Fey


We are introduced to Karli Rowantree, a young master Healer plying her trade in a rural mountain village.  Soon she is compelled to assist the helpless victim of a strange sickness, even if it means sacrificing the safety of her village or binding herself to oaths which defy her full understanding.

Part OneA young woman ponders her future while being reintroduced to her past.

Part Two: Karli recalls the receipt of a cherished gift.

Part Three: Acquaintances are re-established and a joyous occasion ends in collapse.

Part Four: A royal Herald bears a mystery into the home of the Healers.

Part Five: Karli makes a dangerous decision to pay an old woman a visit.

Part Six: The Blue Wyvern hosts an important meeting at which the fate of the Herald will be decided.

Part SevenTempers rise, a Priest is called, and Karli declares herself before all.

Part EightA journey begins, a tale of swords and vengeance is told, and Karli settles in for a cold night.

Part Nine: The Crone of the Mountain greets her guests, talks in circles, and makes a prophesy.

Part Ten: The malady is revealed, a circle is set, and Karli prepares for another journey.

Part Eleven (End): Karli attends and declines a revelry, defies a queen, and binds an oath.

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