Chapter Two: A Torch in the Darkness

In which Karli finally leaves her home and her father to begin the quest set before her by the imperious “Lady”.  Setting out from Attis, Karli is introduced to the intrigues of the court, dangers on the road, knives in the darkness, and finally, a valuable new protector.

Part OneIn which introductions are made, plans discussed, and a toast is offered.

Part Two: In which the travelers meet a Baron, feast, and are given alternate travel plans.

Part Three: In which tensions rise, ways are met, and a friend disappears.

Part Four: In which treasure is found, goblins are fought, and when all seems lost, a light appears in the darkness.

Part Five: In which Karli witnesses a battle, gains a protector, and possibly compounds a debt.

Part Six: In which Lars expounds on the nature of prophesy and priests, answers are extracted from a fawning supplicant, and a friend is found to be in peril.

Part Seven: In which the dead rise, Lars and Thorgrin dance, and Karli gets blood on her hands.

Part Eight: In which tales are told, another bargain is struck, and treasure is lost.

Part Nine: In which new travelers are met, the vices of cards and drink are explored, and a secret is revealed.

9 Responses to Chapter Two: A Torch in the Darkness

  1. Michael says:

    When are you going to get to the meat&potatos of this story…Lars?

  2. Shedrick says:

    I’m working on it…I’ve hit a bit of block and also a few other pins in the air. I wrote about a page of it before I realized that I’m not even enjoying what I wrote. This is the first clue that no one else will either 🙂

    I’ll also refer you to my blog post “Great Expectations” ( and reiterate that “the author is not your bitch”… ;>)

    It’s coming, if slowly…if it is any consolation, guess who’s torch is lights the darkness…

  3. michael says:

    OMG, where is Part V – “The Wrath of Lars”? I am cliff hanging here!

  4. Shedrick says:





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  8. Michael says:

    Yea! The next part was great, its like I lived it. What will Lars do next? The whole state, nay, the entire country is biting its nails in anticipation!

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