Serial Stories

The intial idea behind this website was that I would create various serialized stories, posting updates periodically, and draw a following based on people’s need to see what happens next.  Well, it was a fine idea but things didn’t quite fall out as I initially planned.  However, I still occasionally come up with new episode and will post it here.  Who knows?  I may even come up with a new idea that won’t work as a “stand-alone” and can work as an episodic adventure.

To enjoy the stories, click on the title-links…

Tears of Vriannon 

Here begins the tale of Karli Rowantree, a Healer from a country village whose destiny begins to take her down strange paths.

“Tears of Vriannon” is a mid-to-high fantasy story set in the land of Darchan.  Darchan is a typically medieval-European setting where, despite the strong presence of the Church, magic lurks in the shadows and sometimes affects the lives of the common people.

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