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My Name is Shedrick and I am a Geek

Over at the Flames Rising website, Monica Valentinelli has sent out the call: fight nerd rage by embracing your inner geek. It’s time to “Speak Out with your Geek Out”. Speak Out now has a blog site with which you … Continue reading

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What’s Snoo?

It’s been a few days…well, really about a week…since my last post so I thought I’d bring you up to date. I’ve been working on the 250 words-per-day challenge and it has, in fact, been just that…a challenge.  After the … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Moon on WisCon

Lou Antonelli, Texas sci-fi author and managing editor of the Mount Pleasant Daily Tribune, conducted an interview with fellow Texan and author Elizabeth Moon this past Friday. She discusses the revocation of her invitation to be the Guest of Honor … Continue reading

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Moon Over Wisconsin: Science Fiction and Big Ideas

This morning I read on the Black Gate blog that SF3, the parent organization of WisCon, has withdrawn their invitation to Elizabeth Moon to be their Guest of Honor at their WisCon 35, their upcoming convention. Though SF3’s statement regarding the withdrawal … Continue reading

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FenCon VII Report: Part One (aka Filking and Fun)

This year The Wife and I attended FenCon VII, a Dallas-based speculative fiction literary and filking* convention**.  It was the first year we had attended FenCon but had heard about it at other cons we have attended.  We also brought along an old … Continue reading

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