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The Darkness at the Heart of Geekdom

It seems like the topic du jour of late in geek circles is the latent (and all-too-often blatant) misogyny in the culture. Be it nonsense such as this piece (with a great Scalzi rebuttal here) or the attacks on such … Continue reading

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My Name is Shedrick and I am a Geek

Over at the Flames Rising website, Monica Valentinelli has sent out the call: fight nerd rage by embracing your inner geek. It’s time to “Speak Out with your Geek Out”. Speak Out now has a blog site with which you … Continue reading

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Review: Just a Geek

Imagine that you are 18 years old.  You are part of a successful ensemble cast on a hit television show.  Just a few years previous to this you starred in an Academy Award-winning film.  Half of your life to this … Continue reading

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