Horse Latitudes

Just a post to check-in and let you know what’s going on here at the Serial Distractions Lobster Ranch and Bubble-Gum Emporium™.

I’ve had two acceptances–signed contracts for both and been paid by one. Both stories are awaiting editing and have not appeared in print/e-print yet. I have a third story in editing, awaiting acceptance (or not) in an anthology. Fingers are still tightly crossed on that one as I’m pretty proud of the story.

I haven’t had a lot of butt-in-seat time doing any actual writing over the past few weeks. You’d think some acceptances would motivate me, wouldn’t you? Strange, that. I just have no inspiration. That’s no excuse, though. I shouldn’t need any hoity-toity muse to spew ideas into my head in order to sit myself down and create something. Writers write. Wannabes write about wanting to write. Guess what that makes me…

That’s part of what this blog post is for. Updating my 3-4 readers of my whereabouts, sure. But also an attempt to actually put some virtual words to virtual paper.

So, anywho. That’s where I am right now. Quivering with excitement over the possibility of being published, but sitting stagnant without the muse-juice to motivate me. It’s a weird place to be.

About Shedrick

I am a professional librarian and a part-time writer that's working to do that the other way around. I currently live in North Texas in the lovely city of Denton (“The Home of Happiness“) with my lovely wife and the obligatory demon-spawn cats. When not writing, gaming, or watching cheezy kung-fu flicks, I can sometimes be found in a pub (or the American equivalent) enjoying a fine brew.
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