“At the End of the Road” and “The Boy Who Shoots Crows” Now Up at Shroud!

I have two new reviews up at Shroud Magazine Book Reviews:

At the End of the Road by Grant Jerkins:

It seems like everyone has that one special summer, that point that marks the separation between the carefree days of childhood and the burdens of adulthood. It’s a common experience—which is why it makes such a rich setting for any coming of age story. For Kyle Edwards, that summer will be infused with terror, violence, and the end of all innocence…

The Boy Who Shoots Crows by Randall Silvis

 When speaking of depression, the experience that springs most readily to mind is sadness; a melancholy so profound that its victims are weighed down into a completely inert state. What many do not realize is that depression can also represent a completely debilitative case of self-absorption. The depressed person is engaged in a constant examination of the inner mirrors of their soul and battles their loathing of what those mirrors reveal. And while the person is caught in a looking-glass maze of self-recrimination and doubt, they lose the ability, or even the desire, to interact in a meaningful way with the people with whom they come in contact…

If you’re into horror or suspense, be sure and check both of them out, and all the other great reviews posted there.

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