Elizabeth Moon on WisCon

Lou Antonelli, Texas sci-fi author and managing editor of the Mount Pleasant Daily Tribune, conducted an interview with fellow Texan and author Elizabeth Moon this past Friday. She discusses the revocation of her invitation to be the Guest of Honor at WisCon 35 (discussed in my blog entry from yesterday).

Mr. Antonelli has posted his piece on his blog here.

I’m posting this without much comment…I don’t want to rehash my earlier post about this issue and continue to flog the poor, dead horse.   But I would add that I don’t think this is a free speech issue.  Ms. Moon has every right to say what she wishes in any forum available to her.  WisCon is perfectly within their rights to decide who will be brought in as a guest or not.  No one’s free speech is being abridged here.  Sometimes what one says has consequences.  People will react as they choose to react and decisions will be made on that basis.  To me this isn’t a speech issue but a case of a missed opportunity to actually confront and discuss such views and maybe even come to an understanding.  A guy can dream, I guess.

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