Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

I’ve just posted the latest in my “Night at the Opera”-inspired pieces.  “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” is downright apocalyptic…seems like I’ve been writing a lot of destructive pieces lately.  I’m not sure what that says about me.  Maybe I need to move in another direction with my next piece.  We’ll see.

If you recall, in the blog post for my last piece (“I’m In Love With My Car”), I mentioned that I was trying to move away from being “Mr. Exposition”.  I wanted to “show” the setting in which the action (such as it was) took place instead of relating everything directly through lengthy exposition pieces.  In this piece I go in the extreme opposite direction–“Lazing” is probably 99% exposition. 

Oh well.  I think it was the best way to tell this story, at least to tell it briefly.  I’m really not sure how else I would have done it. The good thing about writing is that while there are good rules to follow, nothing is hard, fast, and irrevocable.  There are many ways to skin a cat and sometimes going outside the conventions actually works.  Then again, sometimes breaking the mold just ensures your story has nothing to hold it together.  On which side this story falls, I just have to let you be the judge.

BTW: As usual, the stories in this project are found under “A Night at the Opera” on the “Stories” page.

About Shedrick

I am a professional librarian and a part-time writer that's working to do that the other way around. I currently live in North Texas in the lovely city of Denton (“The Home of Happiness“) with my lovely wife and the obligatory demon-spawn cats. When not writing, gaming, or watching cheezy kung-fu flicks, I can sometimes be found in a pub (or the American equivalent) enjoying a fine brew.
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