One step forward…

Well, here we are.  This writer’s experiment actually began back in July of 07 on LiveJournal.  As I progressed (albeit slowly) I found that the format of that site was not conducive to what I needed. 

Now I’m here at WordPress and have been pretty pleased so far.  I’ll soon start posting some chapters and stories I’ve already started and already appeared in other places. 

Then the real work begins.  Hopefully a fresh start will keep me going.  Bear with me on a bumpy beginning though.


About Shedrick

I am a professional librarian and a part-time writer that's working to do that the other way around. I currently live in North Texas in the lovely city of Denton (“The Home of Happiness“) with my lovely wife and the obligatory demon-spawn cats. When not writing, gaming, or watching cheezy kung-fu flicks, I can sometimes be found in a pub (or the American equivalent) enjoying a fine brew.
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